Car Accident Or Emergency? Don't Panic. Here's What You Can Do!

When accidents happen, the first thing most of us do is panic. It doesn’t matter if you’re stranded on a busy highway or an empty road; having your car break down or knocked over leaves you feeling helpless and vulnerable. Not to mention, it puts you and other drivers at risk of further accidents. It’s easy to be paranoid with fast cars and large trucks zooming by, but the first thing you must remember is to remain calm and rational so you can minimize the stress and danger to yourself by following these safe steps below.-

1.Move Your Vehicle To The Emergency Lane

Is your car about to breakdown? Usually, your car will give you signs; violent shaking,smoking in the front bonnet,unusual loud noises from the engine,tires making funny sounds, etc. Lookoutor listen to these signs, hit the left signal,and start steering slowly towards the emergency lane to stop safely. Once you’re there, turn on your hazard lights,keep calm and proceed to the next step.The same applies for road accidents.

2.When To Turn Off Your Engine

If the reason of your car breakdown has something to do with a faulty engine(evident from the noise and smoke coming from the bonnet), turn off your car engine as soon as you move your vehicle to a safe place. Let the car cool down for 10 minutes at least before attempting to open and inspect the bonnet; we don’t want you to scald yourself!

3.Getting Out Of Your car

Assuming you’ve stopped at the emergency lane of a busy highway,remember to exit from the left door since cars will be flying by on your right. Wait behind the barriers before dialing for help. However, if you’re on a lonely road in the middle of the night with no company, remain in your car and keep doors locked until your help arrives.

4.Make Sure Your Phone Works

Have at least 20% battery on your phone before you drive anywhere. You’ll need the battery to make a few calls or use an SOS app like Kurnia One Touch. If you’redead-low on battery (less than 5%)with no options left, quickly open the Kurnia One Touch app and tap on ‘SOS’. Or, if your car battery is still working and you are able to charge you phone, please do so. The app’s GPS will quickly locate your position,and the Kurnia Auto Assist team will send help shortly.

What is Kurnia One Touch app?

The Kurnia One Touch app isa FREE application for all Kurnia customers on the road in case of any road emergencies. The app allows you to call for help simply with one tap, instead of searching for a number to call. On top of the SOS feature, you can locate the nearest Kurnia branch and panel workshops, or the nearest Kurnia Agent to provide you with insurance solutions and service.With the app’s insurance claim notification feature, you can send also details of your accident in just a few taps.Snap up to 16 photos and add witnesses and third-party information to speed up the claim process!

The Super convenient Kurnia Express claims Process

➔ If you are a customer of Kurnia Comprehensive Motor Insurance,you’ll be glad to know that there are only 2 steps involved in the entire claims process should you experience a car emergency.

➔ Report accidents to the police within 24 hours.

Bring your car and required documents to the nearest Kurnia Branch within 48 hours ofthe accident.The list of required documents isn’t long at all. In fact, since you’re reading this, make it a point to compile these documents in a folder as soon as you get home; it will come in handy one day and you won’t risk leaving anything behind in the midst of the panic!

• Claims Form

• Police report (original copy)

• Police report slip

• Updated Vehicle Registration Card

• Insured and Driver’s Identity Card (copy)

• Insured & Driver’s Driving License (copy)

• Insurance policy / certificate (copy)

• Business registration (copy) – Company

• Registered Vehicle Only

Why Kurnia auto assist is the Best Motor Insurance for Teachers 

As educators of the nation, you already have a lot on your mind and dealing with car problems and insurance should be the last thing to worry about. That’s why Kurnia has molded its service to fit your needs and convenience with minimum hassles and paperwork.

• Emergency help is available 24/7,with a tap of the SOS button on the app,or by calling the accident helpline at 1800 88 3833

• FREE towing services as part of your Kurnia Comprehensive Motor Insurance and Auto 365 policy claims

• If you run out of fuel, call the number for Fuel Delivery

• No more queuing to renew motor insurance and road tax;both are covered in one single payment

There you have it, simple solutions and tips on what to do when you’re involved in a car emergency. If you find this article helpful and know someone who needs these advices, do them a favour and pass this on.Have a safe journey, drive carefully and remember to never panic! Download the Kurnia One Touch app for FREE from by our App Store or Play Store today! For more info on Kurnia’s Motor Insurance and claims, visit the websites below: